About our work

About our work

Staff at 2019 AGM
From left, Office Manager, Chair of the BOT and CEO at the 2019 AGM

Friends at the End works to promote knowledge about end of life choices and campaigns to see a change in the law to allow assisted dying.

We have supported hundreds of people through the end of their lives and been involved with the preparation of two parliamentary Bills in Scotland.

Our long term aim is to see the passing of assisted dying legislation, until this happens we will work to ensure that every UK citizen has a Good Death within the current legal framework.

What do we support?

We believe that medically assisted dying should be available to all mentally competent adults with either a terminal illness or an incurable condition, causing hopeless and unbearable suffering with no reasonable alternative to relieve it, provided this is their own persistent request.

What do we do?

  • Support our members and the wider public to have a good end of life within the current legal framework
  • Support legal cases taken forward by individuals including Paul Lamb, Gordon Ross and Omid T
  • Provide reliable and recent information and advice on the campaign for assisted dying. We use our wealth of knowledge and international contacts to take this work forward
  • Provide legal advice on legislation. We have helped MSP’s in the Scottish Parliament bring forward two Bills
  • Sponsor to the Cross-Party Group on End of Life Choices in the Scottish Parliament
  • Invest in academic research to help legalise assisted dying in Scotland
  • Facilitate local campaigning groups. Want to get involved? Become a member
  • Provide comfort and support to those distressed at the end of their life
  • Host various events throughout the year across the UK
  • Work with partnership organisations in other sectors.


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What we aren’t campaigning for

Friends at the End do not advocate for euthanasia. Assisted Dying is where the act is the individual’s own decision. For example, the person may self-administer by swallowing the drug. Whereas euthanasia is where a third party, usually a doctor, takes a deliberate action with the express intention of ending a life.

Some jurisdictions around the world have introduced assisted dying and euthanasia laws. Parliaments in these countries passed these laws because they thought they were the right laws for their country. We believe an assisted dying law is the right law for the UK.

We do not propose assisted dying to be an alternative to good quality end of life care. We support better and accessible end of life care and believe this goes hand in hand with assisted dying.

“The act of dying is one of the acts of life.”
– Marcus Aureliius


You can find out a bit more about assisted dying by reading our frequently asked questions here.