Social, Spiritual and Emotional Needs at the End of Life Conference – now online!

If you missed the recent Friends at the End online Conference ‘Social, Spiritual and Emotional Needs at the End of Life’, we are pleased to announce that you can now watch it in full on YouTube! See below for a link and more details on this fantastic event!

Or watch in YouTube here:

About this event

This event looks at the different types of care and support required by individuals and how we can help to influence policy and ultimately support people as best we can at the end of life.

Speakers include:

Rev Scott Mckenna

George Beuken, Head of pastoral care, St Andrews Hospice.

Lindsay van Dijk, NHS Humanist Chaplain

Karen Hedge. National Director, Scottish CARE

Henry Marsh, Neurosurgeon and author

There is a panel discussion for the last 40 mins of the session, with questions taken from attendees.

Friends at the End are a registered charity in Scotland (SC048875).