Friends at the End welcomes successful Noel Conway appeal

We welcome the successful appeal by Noel Conway in his fight for the right to end his own life, at a time of his choosing.

Mr Conway, who has advanced motor neurone disease, was initially refused a hearing at the High Court of England and Wales as part of his bid to legalise assisted dying for those with terminal illnesses and less than six months to live. The overturning of that decision means that this case will go a full hearing in the near future, potentially paving the way for legalisation.

Mr Conway is pursuing his case with the assistance of Dignity in Dying and the law firm Irwin Mitchell. This case is separate from the case brought by Omid and Bindmans LLP, which seeks to legalise assisted dying for people with incurable diseases, but who do not necessarily have a terminal diagnosis.

Friends at the End welcomes both the Conway and Omid cases and gives both appellants their full support. We believe that anyone who wishes to should have the right to end their own life, in a safe and legal manner, and at a time of their own choosing. While these two cases differ significantly regarding restrictions on who should have access to assisted dying, both cases are tremendously important and represent courageous attempts to overturn an unjust law.