“It’s what made me a campaigner” – Dame Jenni Murray shared family experience of poor death

Prolific broadcaster Dame Jenni Murray has joined growing group of public figures voicing their support for legalisation of assisted dying in Scotland and the UK.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Dame Murray, who presented BBC Radio 4’s flagship programme Woman’s Hour for more than three decades, described her mother’s experience of Parkinson’s disease:

“She was in pain and was not the woman she wanted to be. She couldn’t do anything, and there was nothing I could do for her. I had to tell her over and again there was nothing I could do and it has haunted ever since. It is what made me a campaigner on this issue.”

Dame Jenni Murray, Daily Express, 21 Jan 2024

If, like Dame Murray, you believe that more needs to be done to make sure everyone can have a good death, you can find out how you can support our campaign to leaglise assisted dying in Scotland.