Latest Update on Omid T Case

A message from Omid;

“My lawyers attended a case conference at the Court 2 weeks ago and asked for directions to take the case to trial.

Following this the Court delivered a judgment saying that the case should be listed before the Divisional Court to decide as a preliminary point whether the Court has jurisdiction to hear the case and whether my lawyers should be allowed to cross-examine the Government’s expert witness, Baroness Finlay.

The preliminary issue which the Court will be is asked to rule on is as follows:

“Is it necessary for the claim to be determined, and seemed to be determined fairly and justly, for first hand evidence to be admitted with cross examination in relation to the mixed factual, opinion, ethical, moral and social policy issues that underlie the ultimate issue of whether the absolute prohibition on assisted suicide in Section 2 (1) Suicide Act 1961 is a justified interference with the claimant’s right to private life under Article 8?”

The case has been listed for a 2 day hearing on 7th and 8th March to decide these points of law.

On hearing this news, I said that I thought the first issue about jurisdiction had already been decided in Nicklinson, but it seems that the Court says it has not. I hope the Court rules in my favour in March. I am very tired and looking for some positive news. I need your support more than ever to keep this case going.

Please donate – there is much more work to be done and I need to reach my target.

Please join me in this litigation if you are in a similar situation.

Thank you as ever for your generous support.

Omid T.”

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