An update on how Omid’s case is proceeding by Friends at the End

Omid has been fighting long and hard for the law to be changed and is becoming progressively unwell.  The case of Conway has put more impediments in the way of Omid’s case.  There was a recent hearing of Omid’s case on 21st November and the details of the arguments put forward are in a  skeleton argument prepared by Omid’s solicitor Saimo Chahal QC (Hon) and barrister Paul Bowen QC.  The plan was to get a listing for the full trial and to ask for permission to cross examine the governments witnesses.

The court is now considering whether the case should proceed and whether cross examination should be allowed.  This is the only way that Omid can win the argument that the weak and vulnerable will not suffer and that it is proportionate to change the law. This is how the law change was achieved in the Carter case in Canada.

The  indications are that the court is likely to  rule against the application and are also likely to say that the court in Conway decided that it was  a matter for Parliament and not the courts.  If so, the case will most likely be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court again on these points.  This is what happened in Tony Nicklinson’s case.  Omid’s lawyers are determined that the substantive arguments and the expert witnesses should be heard.

Omid needs your support more than ever. However, he is tired and would like another person in a similar situation to join the fight as a second Claimant. Ideally this would be someone with a progressive degenerative condition, who can take the case forward with Omid.

Please get in touch if you know of such a person and in the meantime please continue to support us via the CrowdJustice page which can be found here.