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There are many ways that you can play your part in our work, from campaigning and policy activities, to sharing your personal experience and attending our events.  Here are some suggestions.


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We would love to have you onboard as a volunteer. Our volunteers have experience and expertise in health and social care, business, administration and fundraising – all the skills we vitally need to achieve our objective of supporting people at the end of life and changing the law in the UK.

Friends at the End has supported hundreds of people to make their individual end of life choices. We need volunteers like you who can provide support and guidance to people facing the end of their lives. If you can spare time to help please get in touch.



We rely on the voluntary donations of our supporters and are hugely grateful to those who have given generously.

Whatever you can afford to give will have a huge impact on the work that we do. Your donation helps us to maintain pressure on policy makers and assist those taking cases to court in their efforts to change the law. You could consider a regular donation by standing order, a one-off donation or leaving a gift in your will.

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We are currently working in partnership with Dignity in Dying Scotland and Humanist Society Scotland to co-sponsor Liam McArthur’s Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill.  The current law on assisted dying is unclear and discriminatory. At present the only legal option for hastening death is voluntarily refusing food and fluid, essentially starving and dehydrating to death. This causes unnecessary distress and suffering for those dying and their family and friends.

There have been two previous attempts to change the law in Scotland and over ten attempts at Westminster – all have been defeated. Our work is vital to secure further opportunities to improve end of life choices for individuals and to change the law on assisted dying. We are sponsors to the CPG on End of Life Choices in the Scottish Parliament and our board of trustees is comprised of medical and legal professionals and academics. Thus, we have the expertise at FATE to sensitively support people to prepare for their end-of-life and to effectively lobby to change the law.

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Share your story

It is vitally important that peoples voices are at the centre and that their experiences, expertise and rights drive policy. We need to increase awareness of people’s lived experiences and gathering stories from people allows us to share this with policy makers and others. It’s the stories of ordinary people that inspire our work and keep us pushing for a change in the law, find out more here.

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“The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.”
– Epicurus